IVF Success Story

A good Cryotech Vitrification Program made the difference

38 year old Mrs B married for 7 years gave us a family history of Hypertension and Ischemic Heart Disease. Her partner 40 years of age has a family History of Motor Neuron Disease and Ischemic Heart Disease. She came to us after trying naturally for 7 years unfortunately without any previous pregnancies. She underwent IVF with a conventional flexible antagonist Stimulation Protocol where 10 oocytes were collected , 10 MII ,10 Fertilized 2PN , Day 5 – 5AA and 1BB Blasts were formed which were cryopreserved. She had 2 transfer cycles and both the times conceived but unfortunately had Preterm Deliveries at 6 months and 7 months and the babies did not survive.